Character selection portraits (abbreviated CSP) are the largest pictures of fighters on the character selection screen. Each portrait is 128 x 160 pixels.

The normal Brawl character selection screen does not display individual portraits for Zero Suit Samus, even though her portraits exist in the Brawl files. Also, Sheik's portrait is shown when clicking on the left half Zelda's portrait, and portraits for the individual pokemon used by Pokemon Trainer are shown when each quadrant of his portrait is activated.

Replacing CSPs with BrawlboxEdit

You must use the File Patch Code for this method to work.

Each character in Brawl has a CSP for each costume. Each character's CSP can be replaced by editing sc_selcharacter.pac (which can also be found within common5.pac)

Within sc_selcharacter.pac, open the ARC file char_bust_tex_lz77 to reveal the BRES file for each individual character. Inside the BRES file, open the textures folder to view the individual CSP, then right click and replace with your custom CSP. Save the file with Brawlbox, and place it on your SD card when finished.

When replacing CSPs, the filename of your replacement picture does not matter. Each replacement picture must be 128 x 160 pixels, and must be in .png format in order to support transparent pixels. Additionally, each character portrait in Brawl has a preset color index, which is a number of colors used in the portrait. If that number is exceeded, the file size can be inflated too large and sc_selcharacter.pac will cause Brawl to freeze when the character selection screen is loaded. To prevent such freezing, use your image editing software (GIMP or Photoshop) to make sure the color index of each replacement CSP does not exceed the preset default, and also make sure the file size of sc_selcharacter.pac does not exceed 3,883 KB. It doesn't matter if the filesize of sc_selcharacter.pac is smaller, just don't let it get larger. If in doubt, make each custom CSP with a smaller color palette than the default.

The location of each character's CSPs within char_bust_tex_lz77 is here:

Mario MiscData[0]
Donkey Kong MiscData[1]
Link MiscData[2]
Samus MiscData[3]
Yoshi MiscData[4]
Kirby MiscData[5]
Fox MiscData[6]
Pikachu MiscData[7]
Luigi MiscData[8]
Captain Falcon MiscData[9]
Ness MiscData[10]
Bowser MiscData[11]
Peach MiscData[12]
Zelda MiscData[13]
Sheik MiscData[14]
Ice Climbers MiscData[15]
Marth MiscData[16]
Mr. Game and Watch MiscData[17]
Falco MiscData[18]
Ganondorf MiscData[19]
Meta Knight MiscData[21]
Pit MiscData[22]
Zero Suit Samus MiscData[23]
Olimar MiscData[24]
Lucas MiscData[25]
Diddy Kong MiscData[26]
Pokemon Trainer MiscData[27]
Charizard MiscData[28]
Squirtle MiscData[29]
Ivysaur MiscData[30]
King DeDeDe MiscData[31]
Lucario MiscData[32]
Ike MiscData[33]
R.O.B. MiscData[34]
Jigglypuff MiscData[36]
Wario MiscData[37]
Toon Link MiscData[40]
Wolf MiscData[43]
Snake MiscData[45]
Sonic MiscData[46]

Additionally, since there is a different maximum color index for each individual portrait, listed here is the lowest maximum index for each character. If the index for your custom CSP does not exceed the number listed here, you shouldn't have to worry about filesize inflation.

Mario 218
Donkey Kong 215
Link 240
Samus 226
Yoshi 219
Kirby 208 (44 if gray Kirby)
Fox 213
Pikachu 203
Luigi 222
Captain Falcon 226
Ness 225
Bowser 220
Peach 231
Zelda 221
Sheik 217
Ice Climbers 227
Marth 221
Mr. Game and Watch 35
Falco 208
Ganondorf 216
Meta Knight 228
Pit 243
Zero Suit Samus 214
Olimar 213
Lucas 225
Diddy Kong 216
Pokemon Trainer 230
Charizard 222
Squirtle 223
Ivysaur 222
King DeDeDe 221
Lucario 232
Ike 225
R.O.B. 206
Jigglypuff 204
Wario 241
Toon Link 205
Wolf 186
Snake 211
Sonic 215

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