IMPORTANT: This page is for Pokemon Trainer himself AND Triple Pokemon Sets. For individual pokemon that don't belong in a set of 3 or 4: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard.

With the transfer to the new layout, it is suggested that the image thumbnail include all 4 (or 3 if PT isn't included). The download Link should also include the entire set as well. If you notice yours to be missing these items, please update it accordingly.

Name Image Download Creator Team
Zelda Trainer Zelda Trainer Montage Links are on SubPage STUFF2o MeowMix
PikaSquirt, JiggSaur, LucaZard, Diamond and Pearl Ash Copycat MediaFire catgowoof Kitty Corp. Forums
Dark Squirtle, Dark Ivysaur, Dark Charizard, Dark Pokemon Trainer DarkTrainerAll M&SG's User Page M&SG Kitty Corp.
Koopa, Piranha Plant, Angry Yoshi, Mario Trainer Blank 75x75 [ Download] WEDGE Metal Militia
Iris Lasplagas Squirtle, Iris Lasplagas Charizard, Iris Lasplagas Pokemon Trainer (Aruna), Iris Lasplagas Ivysaur Blank 75x75 Mediafire thanyou Electronic Core
Ash AshTrainer 4shared Segab Kitty Corp.
Team Aqua Trainer AquaTrainerAll M&SG's User Page M&SG Kitty Corp.

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